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It is always preferable to return community cats to their original outdoor homes after we spay/neuter and vaccinate them. However, in some cases, community cats cannot be returned to their original location for safety reasons. When this happens, Pet Community Center works to place these cats in suitable outdoor environments with shelters and caretakers, where they often work to catch mice and other vermin.

If you are interested in available working cats, please complete this formYou should have a barn, stable, warehouse, or other type of shelter and be willing to feed the cats and provide vet care as needed. Pet Community Center will provide a cage for them to stay in for the first four weeks as they adjust to their new home, and will show you how to care for them.

Working Cat FAQs

Where do our working cats come from?

Our working cats only come from Metro Animal Care and Control. We do not accept working cats into our program from public clients. Since these cats are feral and do not have an outdoor home to return to, they would most likely be euthanized if we did not place them in another suitable outdoor environment.

What vetting have the cats had?

All working cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated for Rabies and FVRCP. They are also eartipped to identify them as free-roaming, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated cats.

Is there a fee to take in a working cat?

No, there is no fee. However, we gladly accept donations to support our ongoing efforts to save lives through accessible spay/neuter and veterinary care services.

Are there other resources to learn more about working cats?

Yes! We recommend checking out Operation Catnip and Alley Cat Allies to learn more about working cats and how to care for them.

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