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We want every pet to receive the high-quality veterinary care they deserve. Providing affordable and accessible veterinary care services is the key to our success.

Pet Community Center (PCC) operates The Phran Galante Center for Pet Wellness – a high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine clinic in Nashville, TN run by highly skilled veterinarians, clinicians, and nonprofit professionals. As of the end of 2023, we have served over 125,000 animals.

Additionally, PCC is tackling barriers to veterinary care and provides outreach and support to pet owners who live in veterinary care deserts. The results of PCC’s work include lower pet homelessness rates, lower shelter euthanasia rates, and improved public health and quality of life in neighborhoods across Davidson County.

Young girl smiles and holds a small dog


Pet Community Center is dedicated to strengthening the human-animal bond through accessible veterinary care and support services.


Pet Community Center serves thousands of animals annually through our programming. Since our launch in 2011, Nashville's shelter intake has decreased by more than 50%. Our impact is made possible thanks to generous donations from pet lovers like you.


Total Animals


Since 2011


Vaccine Clinic Patients Served

Since 2015




Since 2014


Community Cats Spayed/Neutered

Since 2011


Pets for Life Pets


Since 2015


Pet Food Meals


Since 2022

Core Values


We act with kindness and helpfulness to people and animals. We meet every person we serve with non-judgment and share information respectfully.


We strive for excellence, professionalism, efficiency, continued learning, and development.


We are transparent and honest in our actions. We take responsibility for our actions and are accountable in our roles.


We value inclusivity, collaboration, client/community-centered service and outreach.


PCC was formed in 2011 by a caring community of animal welfare advocates and volunteers. The community initiated a grassroots spay/neuter financial aid program utilizing a network of veterinary clinics and volunteers. Within two years, the demand for spay/neuter services far outnumbered the appointments available in the network.

Additionally, Nashville had an astonishingly high shelter euthanasia rate (80% in 2010) with little success in finding a solution. Studying other cities saving 90% or more of their shelter animals, PCC identified that Nashville lacked key resources. Ultimately, Nashville was short thousands of spay/neuter surgeries annually, creating an unprecedented need for a change in the way the Nashville community received veterinary care.

With support from the city of Nashville and a local animal-loving community, PCC opened a spay/neuter clinic in East Nashville in June 2014. PCC went on to provide services to thousands of pets in need at the East Nashville location, where the threshold of serving 100,000 pets aligned with PCC’s 10th year of business. After a decade of serving the community from a modular space, PCC had outgrown its original home.

In January of 2023, PCC relocated to The Phran Galante Center for Pet Wellness in South Nashville. With nearly three times the square footage, PCC now has an efficient space to increase impact and continue to serve thousands of people and pets.

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