Pet Community Center is a low-cost, high-quality veterinary clinic dedicated to giving your pet the best care. Our clinic is licensed by the State of Tennessee and staffed by licensed veterinarians. 


Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Please call (615) 512-5001 for more information.


Our Walk-in Wellness program allows clients to visit our clinic at their convenience without making an appointment. There is a $10 office visit fee for all wellness visits at the clinic. The fee will be waived with proof of government assistance.


Walk-in Wellness Hours

Monday - Saturday 8:30am - 2:30pm*

(*The veterinarian takes a lunch break from 12-12:15pm.)


The clinic is unable to provide medical services to sick or injured animals. If your pet needs medical attention, please contact your regular veterinarian.

prescription policy

At Pet Community Center, we take pride in providing veterinary care for your pet and it is our goal to take every step possible to ensure that our patients receive the very best pharmaceutical products available.  To follow veterinary regulations, the Pet Community Center requires a physical exam with one of our veterinarians once yearly to prescribe medications.  To purchase veterinary medications, such as flea, tick or heartworm prevention, please visit one of our clinics or purchase from our online pharmacy.  Our staff is not able to approve any faxed or emailed prescription requests.  It is Pet Community Center's policy to provide any written prescriptions requested during the time of your pet's exam.  There is no charge for this prescription and we are happy to answer any questions.

spay and neuter 

Available by appointment only Monday - Friday from 7:30am-4:30pm

Cat: $50

Dog (79 lbs & under): $70

Dog (80 lbs & over): $120

Pre-anesthetic bloodwork (required for pets 8 years and older): $45

Call (615) 512-5001 to make an appointment or click the button below to schedule online. 

Financial aid is available. Please call us for details.


Rabies Vaccine (1 year): $15


Rabies Vaccine (3 year): $30

*must have proof of previous 1 or 3 year vaccine

Not sure what your pet needs? Click on one of our vaccination guides below and learn more!

Canine DA2PP (Distemper/Parvo): $15

Canine Bordetella (Kennel Cough): $15

Feline FVRCP (”Feline Distemper”): $15

FeLV Test (Feline Leukemia): $20

*must have test before getting vaccine

FeLV Vaccine (Feline Leukemia): $15


Microchipping your cat or dog helps you reunite with your pet if they ever become lost. If your pet gets lost and is taken to a vet or shelter, the unique number on the chip will be scanned and someone will contact you.

Dog or Cat: $15 (includes lifetime registration)

flea, tick, heartworm preventative, and dewormer

Your pet must be present in order for us to dispense the proper medication based on their weight, age, and breed.

Prices and products are subject to change without notice.


Catego (flea/tick): $12 (1 month)


Advantage Multi (flea/heartworm/ear mites):

$18 (1 month) / $90 (6 months)


Seresto collar (flea/tick):

$58 (8 months)


Dewormer: $8-10 per dose

Crossblock/Combiva (flea): $15 (1 month)


Heartworm Test: $15

Iverhart Max (heartworm and intestinal parasites): $8-10 (1 month) / $34-50 (6 months)


Advantage Multi (flea/heartworm/intestinal parasites/ear mites): $18 (1 month) / $90 (6 months)


Bravecto (flea and tick): $46 (3 months)


Seresto collar (flea and tick): $58 (8 months)


Dewormer: $8-10 per dose


Crossblock / Combiva (flea): $15 (1 month)

other products

Cardboard Cat Carrier: $6

E-Collar: $10

(615) 512-5001

943-B Dr. Richard G. Adams Dr
Nashville, TN 37207

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