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Corporate & Foundation Partners

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Mr. and Mrs. Colin Reed

Brenda and Colin Reed Advised Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

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Community Partners


Metro Animal Care & Control / Friends of MACC

Pet Community Center (PCC), Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC), and Friends of MACC are focused on improving the lives of animals and families across Davidson County. With a shared focus on providing animal-welfare services and humane education, all three agencies collaborate regularly to reduce pet overpopulation, prevent animal homelessness, and increase the meaningful bond between people and their pets.

The relationship started in 2014 when leaders at MACC and PCC began collaborating on programs that would address unmet needs in the community and save the lives of more shelter pets. MACC developed innovative adoption programs and pet owner support programs, while PCC focused on spay/neuter and wellness programs for the dogs and cats that were most at risk of entering the shelter. Together, those efforts helped lower shelter intake by more than 50% and MACC now boasts a save rate of 90%. 


Friends of MACC, which launched in 2018, now supports those efforts by providing additional funding and advocacy to increase MACC’s impact within our community. PCC, MACC and Friends of MACC are steering committee members for the SAFE Coalition, a local coalition of 15 animal welfare agencies working together to save all of Nashville’s healthy and treatable shelter pets. 


Agape Animal Rescue & Training Center

"Behavior" is one of the most cited reasons owners surrender their dogs. Agape Animal Rescue & Training Center works to combat owner surrenders due to behavior, as well as increase the quality of life and adoptability of dogs awaiting adoption through their Community Canine Coaching Program.


Through our partnership with Agape, our Pets for Life clients can participate in their training program for free. This allows many pet owners to access high-quality training that they previously could not. Our partnership helps dogs struggling with behavioral issues to live happier lives and stay out of the shelters.


Abbie's Safe Home at YWCA

Pet Community Center is proud to partner with the largest emergency pet shelter for victims of domestic abuse in Tennessee by providing spay/neuter and vaccination services to clients residing at Abbie's Safe Home on the campus of the YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee's Weaver Domestic Violence Center.

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