We offer spay and neuter surgeries by appointment only Tuesday -

Friday from 7:30am - 4:30pm.


  • Cat: $75

  • Dog (79 lbs & under): $75

  • Dog (80 lbs & over): $120

  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork (required for pets 8 years and

older): $45


All spay/neuter packages include an Elizabethan Collar and

post-operative medication.

Financial aid is available. Please call us at (615) 512-5001 to learn

more and to find out if you qualify.

Make an Appointment

You can make a spay/neuter surgery appointment for your pet by calling us at (615) 512-5001. You can also schedule it online by clicking here.

Spay/Neuter FAQs

What is spay/neuter surgery?

Spay/neuter refers to the surgical procedure to render a dog or cat unable to produce litters of puppies or kittens. Female animals are "spayed," and male animals are "neutered."

What are the benefits of getting my pet spayed/neutered?

  • Reduces animal homelessness, shelter intake, and euthanasia rates

  • Stops reproduction and heat cycles

  • Decreases risk of certain types of cancer

  • May prevent certain behavioral problems: roaming, fighting, "marking" territory, and aggression

  • Decreases risk of reproductive infections


How should I care for my pet after they are spayed/neutered?

After your pet is spayed/neutered, it is important that they are well cared for to prevent complications. To learn more about what to expect after your pet's surgery, please click here to read our post-operative instructions.

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