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5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pet

We may be dealing with more rain than snow in Nashville these days, but that doesn’t mean the holidays aren’t right around the corner. With long shopping lists to get through, travel to book, and work to finish up before heading out of office, our pets can end up feeling left out. The good news is our pets are the easiest family members on our shopping list. After all, their favorite things are tasty snacks and time with you.

If you’re struggling to come up with a way to celebrate your pet in this busy season, look no further. Mark the season with a fun pet-friendly activity.

Plan a pet-friendly holiday outing

Many local stores and animal organizations offer pet-focused holiday events where you can even get your pets’ photos taken with Santa. We won’t judge if you and your pet get matching PJs for the photo op! If you’re looking for something the humans will enjoy too, check out whether holiday markets in your area allow dogs. Or simply pick an area with a beautiful light display and take your evening walk in a new neighborhood.

Prepare a holiday “feast”

Letting pets overindulge on human foods during the holidays can be dangerous and lead to expensive vet trips, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your pet safely. Look up dog-safe recipes and ingredients to make your pet a holiday lick mat or Kong and stick it in the freezer ahead of time to keep your pet occupied and happy while the rest of the family enjoys their meal.

Stock up on their favorite toys and treats

If every year you end up with too many new toys and treats just so you have something to wrap for your pets to open, this year might be the time to break the habit. Instead, wrap up your pets’ favorite treats, a fresh bag of food, or a toy they really need, so you know the presents won’t go to waste. If your dog is like mine and loves the experience of opening presents, don’t be afraid to wrap up some old toys they’ve forgotten about. It’ll get just as many tail wags!

Spend time together

The holidays are a wonderful reason to spend time with family and friends. Make sure your pets get their own time on the calendar—especially if you’ll be traveling out of town or changing up their routine a lot. Carve out specific time to do your pets’ favorite activities—whether that’s lounging on the couch or heading to the park. It can be hard to find extra time in the midst of holiday chaos, but time with you will be the greatest gift your pet receives this year.

Give to pets in need

This time of year can be a meaningful time to help out other pets in need and support the organizations working to keep pets happy, healthy, and in homes like Pet Community Center. If you adopted your pet, consider donating or volunteering for the rescue that brought them into your life. Give back to your community by supporting spay / neuter services and affordable vaccines at Pet Community Center. Many organizations even allow you to give gifts in honor or memory of pets you love and have loved.

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