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6 Client Testimonials That Make Us Smile

We're just 6 weeks away from the end of 2021, which means you have 6 weeks left to participate in The Pawlidays! To celebrate, here are 6 our favorite testimonials from clients about their experiences with PCC. You can help us serve more pet owners like these by donating to our Pawlidays campaign here.

(1) "Adopting our boy wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support...

from both these amazing organizations [Pet Community Center and Metro Animal Care and Control]. I had just gotten out of college at the time and certainly couldn’t have afforded treatment. I know there are many people like me who would be in the same boat; so this gives dogs the ability to have another chance and to be adopted into a loving family. So, without your donations, many dogs would still be homeless."

- Ace C.

(2) "I am so thrilled with my experience at Pet Community Center...

and appreciate your work in TNR, as well as making vet services accessible to everyone. I participated in the Community Cat program, and can't thank the team enough for the scheduling flexibility, clear instructions, and amazing care for our neighborhood cat friend."

- Samantha M.

(3) "The price for the neuter, the informative and kind staff, and the support...

that you all offer our community is unmatched. I'm truly grateful for you all. This is our first time having cats and I was clueless when they suddenly started tramping all over the neighborhood. Thank you!" - Lauren A.

(4) "Thank you all for caring for these precious animals...

I have four rescues, and if it weren't for your services being offered...I couldn't afford to treat them on my income. God bless you all." - Sallye H.

(5) "It was amazing to be able to take a community cat in for the first time...

and get him such great care. I could not afford to do this on my own, and he was in great need. You provided an incredible service, and the person who followed up over the phone to let me know how the kitty was doing was so thorough and caring."

- Pamela C.

(6) "I can't say enough good things about PCC...

I only have to work another few years and this will be where I volunteer to help out, as I was helped. I work a very erratic schedule and long hours, so the flexibility that PCC gave me with drop-offs and pick-ups was essential and much appreciated. You all are WONDERFUL! Thank you again so much." - Shawn W.

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