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2 Wishlist Items for Our Pets for Life Program

Can you believe there are just two weeks left in 2021? That means you have 2 more weeks to participate in The Pawlidays! To celebrate, here are 2 wishlist items our Pets for Life program needs and how they will help pets in our community. You can purchase and send them to Pet Community Center at the links below or give to our Pawlidays campaign here.

Pet Food and Treats

There are currently 19 million pets living in the United States with families whose income level falls below the poverty line. This doesn’t mean that those pets are any less loved or cared for, but it does mean that their owners face additional barriers to pet ownership, including accessing pet supplies like food and treats.

Our Pets for Life program serves North and East Nashville neighborhoods with high rates of poverty and limited access to pet services and resources. We use long-term, door-to-door outreach to build trust and connect with people and their pets, and then provide affordable and accessible veterinary care and supplies.

Pets for Life client Sandra says, "Sometimes I can barely afford groceries, so without Pet Community Center I wouldn't be able to provide for my pets.

You can provide pets and their families with essential food and treats this holiday season by shopping our Amazon Wishlist here!

Dog Coats

At Pet Community Center we work with pet owners living through some of the most difficult situations that life can throw at them, including homelessness. Pet ownership can provide someone experiencing homelessness with a source of compassion, love, and strength.

However, needless to say, homelessness creates additional challenges to pet ownership, especially during the winter.

That's why our Pets for Life program is asking for dog coats, especially in sizes large and x-large, to keep our furry friends living outdoors warm this winter. You can shop our favorite dog coats on our Amazon Wishlist here.

Thank you for your generosity and happy holidays!

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