Pet Community Center is a nonprofit on a mission to make high-quality spay/neuter and veterinary care accessible to all pet owners. We manage a low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter and vaccine clinic for pets in underserved areas. Since 2011, Pet Community Center has served more than 91,000 animals. 


Pet Community Center is seeking candidates for the position of Director of Operations.  This position is the primary leader responsible for oversight of our clinic operations, outreach programs, and the development of the individuals on those teams.  

We believe that people love their pets and will provide the best for them when given the opportunity.  We are looking for compassionate individuals that share that belief and who are moved by serving underserved people and their pets.


  • "Gritty" describes your work style. You roll your sleeves up and do whatever it takes to get a job done, and you know that the nature of non-profit leadership means constantly adapting: meeting with board members to work on the strategic plan one day and cleaning up puppy pee and filling in at the front desk the next.

  • You are a dynamic and compelling communicator. You can calm down an angry client and turn them into a lifelong ambassador. You can motivate a team to do their best work even in the toughest of circumstances.

  • You love animals and have a deep, personal understanding of the bond between people and their pets. The idea that someone might not be able to afford necessary veterinary care for their pets breaks your heart and makes you want to do something big about it!

  • You identify one of Pet Community Center’s four core values (compassion, trust, quality, and community) as being among the top three personal values you live by every day.

  • Working with people and helping them thrive excites you and motivates you to get out of bed in the morning! 

  • You have a plan for everything and are usually thinking 3 steps ahead - and yet when surprises come up (as they often do!) you are quick to adapt and it doesn’t ruin your day.


  • Supporting and inspiring clinic and program management and their staff to meet all clinical, financial, and operational goals while pivoting as needed to adapt to the working conditions required by the pandemic (and post-pandemic conditions, as well).

  • Provide leadership in strategic planning, organizational development, and creating strong networks with other human and animal organizations.

  • Manage budgets for the clinic and programs and ensure that resources are used as approved by the board and in accordance with our mission and core values.

  • Oversee staff activities such as monthly inventory count, use of vehicles, IT and technology needs, use of grants and subsidies for programs, accident/incident reporting, and adherence to standard operating procedures.

  • Meet regularly with direct reports for support and coaching, create and implement professional development plans, and build a strong team atmosphere and psychologically safe culture.



  • 3-5 years in management positions in mission-driven business or non-profit environments

  • Proven track record of working collaboratively and respectfully with low-income communities to improve community outcomes

  • Proven track record of supervising, coaching, and mentoring employees and making significant contributions to a healthy work culture and environment

To apply for this position, your application must include a resume and a detailed cover letter telling us specifically why you want to work at Pet Community Center, and what most excites you about this position. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself on a human level to some of the people you would be working with – tell them why they would want to work with you and why you think you could do an awesome job in this role.

Pet Community Center offers a competitive salary, generous benefits for full-time employees including medical, dental, and vision plan, two weeks of paid time off, generous paid holiday schedule (including a week off between Christmas and New Year).


If If you would like to apply for the position, please send a current resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in the position to Natalie Corwin, CEO, at No phone calls, please.

(615) 512-5001

943-B Dr. Richard G. Adams Dr
Nashville, TN 37207

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