Spay + Neuter

Pet Community Center Spay + Neuter Clinic is located at:

943-B Dr. Richard G. Adams Drive - Nashville, TN 37207  (near the intersection of East Trinity Lane and Ellington Parkway in East Nashville - if using mapquest spell out Doctor Richard G. Adams Drive).

Open Tuesday through Saturday (dog drop off is 7:30 AM and cat drop off is 7:45 AM - it may take up to 30 minutes to check in your pet. Pick up same day at 4 PM).

For an appointment call: 615-512-5001For best results please use Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer 8 or Windows XP are not supported.


Female Dog: $61

Male Dog: $52

Female Cat: $47

Male Cat: $37

Feral Cat (male or female, includes rabies shot, left ear tip mandatory): $30

Learn more about Feline Fix - our program for feral/outdoor cats

Services offered at the time of surgery

Rabies Vaccine:  $10

Distemper Vaccine:  $10

Canine Bordetella Vaccine: $10

Canine Heartworm Test:  $15

Feline Combo Test: $20

Microchip: $10 (includes automatic lifetime registration at no additional charge)


Thank you for having your pet fixed - you are a part of the solution to pet overpopulation!