Feline Fix

Feline Fix is a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program. TNR is the only humane method for managing outdoor cats.  (Learn more about why TNR works and why other methods - such as feeding bans and trap/remove/kill - do NOT work here).

We provide free humane-trap loan, coaching, financial aid and logistical support for Davidson County residents who would like to help outdoor cats.  For anyone outside Davidson County we provide free trap loan, coaching, and access to low cost services.

Free spay/neuter for cats in Old Hickory

Free spay/neuter for cats in Inglewood

Please fill out our questionnaire if you need help with cats near you.

TNR is designed as a humane means to stop outdoor cat colonies from continuing to reproduce by humanely trapping cats, spaying/neutering them, and returning them to their home territories.  A left ear-tip (see photo) is the universal sign that an outdoor cat has been sterilzed and vaccinated.  Numerous studies have shown that TNR programs are the most reliable method of stabilizing and reducing cat populations, with the lowest cost to local governments and residents. Cats that are spayed and neutered enjoy a safer and more comfortable existence, free of the mating behaviors that annoy neighbors and threaten their lives (roaming, fighting, spraying, yowling, and giving birth over and over again).  Sterilized colonies will keep new cats from moving in and eventually the colony size will reduce naturally.

Studies estimate that as many as 82% of all kittens born in the United States originate from a community cat.  TNR is one of the most powerful ways to prevent pet overpopulation.

How it works

1. Please fill out our questionnaire.  This will give us all the information we need to help you with your project.  We will need to be in contact with anyone who feeds the cats.  Read the Step By Step Instructions to understand how the process works.

2. We will contact you to discuss your project and schedule a time to begin trapping.

3. We recommend sterilzing all the cats at the same time.  It is much easier to manage the project this way than to fix one cat at a time.  We normally ask you to start trapping on Thursday or Friday and trap over the weekend and then cats are taken to a clinic for surgery on Monday.  We can provide some support for this part of the project if you live in Davidson County.  A volunteer will go over this part of your project in detail with you.

4.  All cats need a climate controled area to recover from surgery - most cats need to recover for 24 hours and then may be released.  Some cats may need to be held longer.

5.  Our average cost per cat is between $35 - $45.  If you live in Davidson County, we ask that you contribute toward this cost if you are able.  This will enable our program to remain viable and ensure that we can help more cats in the future.  If you live outside of Davidson County, we are unfortunately unable to provide financial aid at this time.  But we do provide free trap loan, coaching and transportation for everyone.

Sponsor a community cat for $35.  Donate here.

Donation Wish List for trap-neuter-return program:

  • wet/canned cat food
  • laundry detergent and bleach
  • pet carriers
  • humane-live traps (tomahawk traps preferred)
  • puppy pads or bed pads
  • sardines in oil (not smoked, no mustard or hot sauce, please)
  • large pet crates


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