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Pet Community Center Spay + Neuter Clinic

943-B Dr. Richard G. Adams Dr

Nashville, TN 37207

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Current Events and News


Kitties and Pitties Special - $10 spay or neuter

In honor of National Feral Cat Day and National Pitbull Awareness Day - we are offering $10 spays and neuters for community cats and Pitbull and Pit Mix dogs from Davidson County.  Learn more!



October Microchip Clinic - Thursday, October 23 from 3 - 5 PM

What would you do if your pet was lost?  You can dramatically increase the chances of bringing your pet home by permanently microchipping them.  We offer $10 microchips through Found Animals Foundation.  The price includes free lifetime registration.  Bring your pet to receive a microchip on Thursday, October 23 from 3 - 5 PM. No appointment necessary, just walk in!


Why Spay + Neuter?

Did you know that spaying and neutering can decrease the risk of cancer and reduce unwanted behaviors?  Read more about all the benefits that spaying and neutering can provide!


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